How to easily add medallions with BTD Battles Hack

btd battles medallions hack

You can now add lots of medallions with btd battles hack launched few months ago. It is the only possible means of getting these items into your android game without going through app purchase. But you have to know that, if you use this medium, you are actually trying to cheat. So, it is not a good idea for anyone that likes to brag about how he played so hard for great number of items.

You may be recognised by many if you use the tool meant for the game, since it will increase the amount of items you had. It will make you that famous, when you complete all missions and showcase your score on forums.

Perhaps this amazing technique which you will know before the end of this post is the suitable means of playing the game fast. It is recommended to use it when you are sure that, there is no money left for you to purchase some medallions. I can’t encourage you to borrow from other players, just use this btd battles medallions hack to get few items. When you have save lots of cash, you can buy more in order to make your account look more legit. You know cheating is quite interesting but it is boring when you know that you can unlock every difficult thing in the game.

Upon all sites that brag that they can help me add lots of great items into my game, I prefer to use this particular btd battles hacked medallions and money site at, since it is the perfect tool that is specially designed by a group of game coders with aim to help people that are far depressed in games. They all have the same motive, that is the reason why the site is up and running all the time, without any problem.

Even as it is absolutely the only upgraded tool for this type of game which have never gone done in its operation, the developer try as much as they can to ensure that they design ann interface that is far understandable by anyone that can use a mobile phone. This simply means, you can get those great stuffs into your account from your smart device. They is nothing like incompatibility alert when you try to add those resources. You will also discover that the presence of other users adding will make you to feel comfortable while using the tool. You can even post any short message after using the online generator provided by that website. So, try and see if you should stop figuring out how other tools work, just make use of the one I am able to vouch for.

bloons td battles characters

As I said earlier in the previous paragraph, the amazing hack tool they made is the finest of them all since their design is well built to be mobile responsive. I know you have come across sites that won’t allow you to move properly to the location/tab you want. This particular one is far better than those useless tools that are always seen on many websites. You have to consider it as your best choice whenever you want to gain lots of free items in your game.

So, now how can you start?

You can definitely start this moment by going to the URL shown on this post. Just click on it, and then wait for browser to open the tool page. There you will easily add medallions with btd battles hack available on the page.

How to select your best choice of game device

different game

Mobile games are gaining ground nowadays but they are not super cool than console ones, since you get better collection with great graphics on consoles. But those not stop the flow of phone games on app stores. You will observe that any game out always have more than two replicate available, which might even be better than the original. This specific thing is the reason why I will never venture into mobile game development. Only big companies are killing it with lots of downloads and cash. Even if you try and make a great game, someone with no good coding skills like you will just re-skin, add more features and publish. This in turn makes your hard work a total waste of time.

If you look at this scenario, I have never seen a replicated console game. I mean I clone of another type of the platform game. If you doubt me, mention any call of duty replicate you know with the same purpose or mission? You will observe that they are all unique with different objective. Designers know that they won’t have lots of sales if they copy someone else idea. Even, the original owner may sue the other party for messing up with his game. So, this makes console game are worth-full thing to play.

choice of games

Nowadays you can easily cruise your way into that mission you have in mind, using only consoles. Just use your mobile for calls, internet, little childish games that play hardcore ones on your PS4 or Xbox. Those two devices might cost arm and leg, but if you can get anyone of them, you will always have an enjoyable time while gaming.

I know you won’t like this part, what of your personal computer; laptop? It is quite fantastic to play with it since you can move it around. You can just go to any game store, buy an interesting one, download and install on your PC, then play on any place you like.

If you ask me, the best choice of them all, great gaming laptop is the best. Just save that money you want to use for holiday and get a good gaming laptop then enjoy your time with it. Still if you are broke and can’t afford to get this, you can just order for a nice Xbox 360 or any lower device that can be played with game pads. Those two are perfect if you want to select right now.

Watch this video for best interractive games ever:

The worst Flight game for PC

flight simulator cockpit

If you do a quick search for flight game for PC on, many will be listed in which some are great while other are worst. Those great ones always have lots of players flying different planes and completing lots of missions. But still, bad one like; Fight Simulator 2016 PC version hit the market at first launch day and die off since it is boring. It is the worst game I have ever played on PC.

Controls are very difficult to master and there is no cheat to make flight easy. Imagine I can’t even complete the tutorial, since I don’t know if just an error or real flight is. It just looks like a real mission with no quick guide on how to fly the plane. The ugly part of it is the way the controls are specified. I had to write down over 20 controls which seem very difficult to grasp. It just seems the developer had plans to make a super multi airplane controller. That is a game whereby you control thousands of aircraft. Maybe due to lack of adequate support, it had to remain that way.

Now lets look further why the game is shit.

Flight simulator 2016 got so many attentions since it is designed by one of the best gaming company around. They deceived computer users when they said it can be played easily on PC. You can’t control the plane effectively except from starting the engine and flying it up. The angriest part of it is, controls are way too many to master. I asked myself, are my going to fly 20 airplanes at a time? In fact, game is indeed a bad one to play on personal computer.

Still, since the game is available on PC, is free to download on android. The android version is far better than the worst design made on PC. You can easily fly a plan, then complete task.

I was thinking that PC version will look like that of android, whereby I can do everything right from my gamepad, but it isn’t. The one for this platform beats it hands down.

Since microsoft flight simulator is bad on PC, your question should be; which one is the best?”

For us to answer that question, we need to play those ones we have on our list and then pick the best from there. So, in few weeks we will publish an article on that.